• Romikka Ganguly Managing Director

    I am in my second innings with RGF, "what a great journey", this surely speaks about the culture and values that RGF provides to each employee. Every day is a new day which provides the opportunity to build, inspire, contribute, and unleash potential for the journey upwards.

  • Anant Chaturvedi Business Director
    Trust is the most crucial element each one of us looks for before starting a new journey. Trust to learn, grow and accomplish, trust to be in an environment which is forward-looking and make your life more meaningful each day, trust to be in a circle of professionals who will stand selflessly to help unleash your potential beyond business. For me the trust factor truly inspired to be in RGF and committed for bigger vision.
  • Gani Garbadi Managing Consultant
    RGF Singapore has been instrumental in assisting both myself and its employees in progressing and facing challenges as one team. Our leaders are devoted to enhancing the overall performance of the team, which makes us unique in the market. As the RGF organization continues to transform, essential processes and systems are continuously established to promote sustainability and future competitive advantage.
  • Ruth Dan Office Manager

    RGF is a place where we call HOME. We work hard, play hard, laugh together, cry together especially so during difficult times. No one is left behind. We live by our 7 values and these are what define us.

  • Airah De Los Santos Senior Team Assistant

    I love RGF because from the moment I step in, there’s a sense of belongingness. For the past year, I can say that I had a "great place to work" experience. I witnessed how all of us at RGF align values with actions. Our colleagues always believe in us and that we can stretch ourselves and do more, unleashing our potential. RGF always find ways to boost our morale and are open to different perspectives.

    This is a place where colleagues are not seen just as colleagues, but as brothers or sisters—the work culture is simply the best! RGF have stood the test of time for more than a decade and there's no doubt that they will continue to touch lives for many years to come.

  • Joanne Lum Finance Manager

    RGF incorporates professionalism into an environment of warmth and genuine care for employees and clients.

    An open and transparent environment where we respect each other opinions and work as a team, bringing joy and striving towards a common goal.

    RGF Singapore lives and breathes with its values – Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Accountability Boldness, Kaizen and Fun!

  • Hui Juan Quek Regional Marketing Manager

    The culture at RGF is what makes working here enjoyable. An open and transparent culture and not to mention the support that we receive from our colleagues who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

  • Nelly Wong Senior Accounts Executive

    Smile, Laughter, Happy, Fun, Sunshine are the words to describe the working environment in RGF. These are what makes me look forward to work every day. Everyone in RGF works very closely together, giving each other great a support and warmth like a family. If you like this kind of working environment, come to join our big RGF family.

  • Vincox Pyae Sone Web & Digital Marketing Manager

    Being a global company with regional offices across Asia, I am grateful that RGF offers me an opportunity to work with colleagues from different countries as well as all the guidance and support given to my professional career development.

    One of the focuses of RGF is the company culture. RGF Family knows how to define Company Culture and make RGF a great place to work in Singapore.

  • Youhei Watanabe Country Manager

    I am very proud of supporting my members. Some of the members knocked on the door of the recruitment field without any related experience before, while some knocked on the door to build a better career in the same field. I am here for those who want to challenge themselves and those who want to make a change. Everyone, not just me, will support you on your journey with RGF.

  • Keisuke Okujima Managing Consultant

    RGF is a warm place, like a family. I have been with the company for 4 years and enjoy working with my colleagues. What I have learned at RGF is that "Continuity is the father of success." Keeping up with day-to-day operations is not easy, and it actually takes a lot of effort to "continue doing the simple things." Persistently trying many small steps is the only way to reach the unbelievable space.

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