• Romikka Ganguly Managing Director

    I am in my second innings with RGF, "what a great journey", this surely speaks about the culture and values that RGF provides to each employee. Every day is a new day which provides the opportunity to build, inspire, contribute, and unleash potential for the journey upwards.

  • Anant Chaturvedi Business Director
    Trust is the most crucial element each one of us looks for before starting a new journey. Trust to learn, grow and accomplish, trust to be in an environment which is forward-looking and make your life more meaningful each day, trust to be in a circle of professionals who will stand selflessly to help unleash your potential beyond business. For me the trust factor truly inspired to be in RGF and committed for bigger vision.
  • Joanne Lum Finance Manager

    RGF incorporates professionalism into an environment of warmth and genuine care for employees and clients.

    An open and transparent environment where we respect each other opinions and work as a team, bringing joy and striving towards a common goal.

    RGF Singapore lives and breathes with its values – Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Accountability Boldness, Kaizen and Fun!

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