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Are you a job seeker looking to join a recruitment agency in Singapore that invests in its people and offers great career development opportunities? Look no further than RGF! With RGF, you'll have the freedom to grow your career like an entrepreneur, with the support of a company that values its employees. Let us take your career to the next level with RGF.

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As part of Recruit Global Family(RGF), we connect dynamic multinational corporations, SMEs, and Japanese Companies with top tier talent.


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Perks of Working at RGF

Work hard, play hard. Every day at RGF is both Fun, Challenging, and Rewarding.

Attractive Earnings >
Our competitive merit-based commissions and above-the-market benefits mean all your effort will always be highly rewarded.
Career Progression >
Whether you are about to start a recruitment career or already in the thick of things, our training programs offer opportunities to develop skills that will further expand your potential.
Global Connections >
Having a strong network within and beyond the region will get you places in talent acquisition. Work with us and gain access to an incredibly diverse pool of teammates, experts, and thought leaders.
Work Life Benefits >
We provide a wide range of benefits that include flexible work arrangements, insurance coverage, mobile allowance, gift cards, vacation days, and attractive rewards for top-billers and high-performers.
Fun Events >
From sports day and team bonding activities, to our Diamond Club, celebratory lunches, family day events, and company-wide seasonal events. Our mantra is 'we work hard, we play hard.'

How We Can Help You Grow

Our team is dedicated to helping both junior consultants and experienced professionals achieve their career goals in recruitment. With our support and guidance, you'll have the opportunity to take your career to the next level.

Top Notch Training

At RGF, we know we cannot just send inexperienced Consultants out into the challenging yet fulfilling talent acquisition industry without arming them with the necessary skills to not only survive, but thrive. We also recognize that learning and curiosity are not confined to new Consultants alone. As avid seekers of knowledge, we continuously train and up-skill both aspiring and experienced members of our team.

Collaborative Teams

New world, new connections: we provide opportunities to collaborate on projects and businesses, and to engage in cross-regional learning exchanges.


We recognize technology’s critical role in a people-first approach to strategic talent acquisition. We have likewise continuously invested in making our internal database more robust and are constantly exploring new technologies to help our team make smarter recruitment choices. By embracing digitalization, we ensure operational efficiency and encourage better collaboration among our recruiters, clients, and candidates.

Life at RGF

At RGF, we believe in working hard and playing hard. Every day is an opportunity to grow your skills, take on new challenges, and be rewarded for your hard work. Join our recruitment team today and experience the excitement and satisfaction of working with RGF.

RGF Cares

RGF Singapore is dedicated to creating a better world for all, and we strive to make a positive impact through our work every day. From our commitment to sustainable business practices to our focus on social responsibility, you'll find that RGF Singapore is more than just a recruitment agency.

Our commitment is shown through the various and activities we organise regularly. Some of these activities include:

  • conducting career talks
  • volunteering at animal shelters
  • volunteering at homes for the elderly
Through our policies and programmes, we also encourage our employees to share and initiate their own personal advocacies.

Mapping Your Recruitment Career Path

At RGF, whether you are a newbie in recruitment, an experienced professional outside the industry, or a seasoned Recruitment Consultant, possibilities abound.

When Ana joined RGF in November 2019, she had no prior experience in recruitment, but she quickly proved she was game for the role. We recognized this and promptly promoted her from Researcher to Associate Consultant in January 2021. In RGF, our Associate Consultants work on what we call the 180-degree scope of our business: everything to do with job candidates, from sourcing potential jobseekers to candidate management. Once they have experienced 12 months of working as Associate Consultants, and having met all our key performance indicators and sales revenue goals, they get promoted to Consultant—gaining a 360-degree purview of RGF’s business and managing not just our job candidates, but our clients as well. With all her hard work and dedication, Ana eventually leveled up as a Consultant by January 2022.
Haruki joined RGF Professional Recruitment as a researcher in 2016, and has since skyrocketed his career to be among our top-performing directors. He was immediately promoted from Researcher to Associate Consultant in six months, leveled up to Senior Consultant in two years, and was promoted to Associate Director after two years of serving as Manager. He has definitely earned his stripes in the company, winning multiple awards, including Top Biller, Teamwork Award, an RGF Legend Award, and the externally awarded Outstanding HR & Recruitment Professional of the Year at the TALinT International Annual Recruitment Awards. He credits his achievements to strong teamwork—in RGF, we are only as excellent as the last member of our team.
With over 7 years of experience in the retail industry, Sandra felt it was time for a big change. When she heard about RGF and the benefits of working in the recruitment industry, she felt it was an exciting new world for her to explore. However, having worked as a Sales Manager for a long time, she was worried that being a Recruitment Consultant would be a far cry from what she was used to. She decided to take the risk anyway and joined RGF as a Consultant in 2019. She soon realized on the job that she could utilize a lot of the skills she had honed in retail. With her drive and outstanding performance, she soon got promoted to Senior Consultant after merely six months!
A tireless and motivated goal-getter, Danielle already had a lot of years as a recruiter under her belt. Keen to take on bigger challenges, she joined RGF as a Senior Consultant in 2021. We quickly recognized her exemplary leadership and people skills and felt that younger team members would benefit from her wealth of experience. After eight months, RGF promoted Danielle to Managing Consultant. She now heads a team of new Consultants who, with her guidance and leadership, are poised to shine as brightly as their team leader.

Start a New Chapter with RGF

Take the path towards your thriving career in recruitment today with RGF Singapore!

If you are keen on being part of a company that values growth and development, entrepreneurship, diversity, and innovation—and in an industry teeming with new and exciting opportunities—then move your career forward with us.

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