It has come to our attention that malicious individuals are reaching out to public via Text Messages / WhatsApp / Telegram messages purporting to be an employee of RGF Talent Solutions Singapore requesting the individuals to send through salary information with regards to unspecified job opportunities. 

We take this matter seriously and would like to inform you of the details to ensure the safety and security of our valued customers. 

RGF has no relationship with such individuals making these suspicious calls and messages. 

Scammers typically employ the following tactics to deceive individuals:

  1. Fake Invitations: Scammers may reach out to you with invitations for tasks or content unrelated to RGF business. They often promise monetary rewards to entice you. Please be cautious if you are asked to participate in tasks that seem unrelated to our company's legitimate operations.

    Example of Scammer Invitation: Hi, I’m (“Name”) a recruiter from RGF Recruitment in Singapore. We have some flexible job available positions. May I share more positions with you?
  2. Telegram/WhatsApp Group Involvement: Scammers may request you to join a Telegram / WhatsApp group for additional tasks. Be vigilant and avoid engaging in any activities that seem suspicious or unrelated to RGF's official business.
  3. Money Transfer Scheme: Scammers may accompany their invitation with a transfer of funds to your account. Subsequently, you might be asked to transfer back a portion of the money as a deposit to continue the task. Such requests are known as refund scams, a technique used in money laundering. If you are asked to refund funds deposited into your account, please seek advice from the bank and report the matter to Singapore Police Force. Please note that RGF Talent Solutions Singapore does not engage in such scamming practices.
  4. Fake Contact Information: Please be aware of fake contact details associated with scams
  5. Fake Text / Telegram / WhatsApp Numbers: The scammers may use Fake Text / Telegram / WhatsApp numbers to communicate with potential victims. Always verify the authenticity of any communication you receive from purported RGF employee representatives
  6. Fake Documents: Scammers may retrieve our Recruiters Public License ID Cards from MOM EA Directory to create a false sense of legitimacy. Please be vigilant and verify the authenticity of any official documents you receive

In RGF Commitment to assist job seekers: 

  • We will always provide detailed information regarding any role we might be contacting you about (real company, location, job title, etc)
  • Introduce professional jobs that require specific skills and requirements
  • We will always ask for your consent in line with PDPA requirements before submitting your details to a role
  • RGF will never charge you for job introductions or offer money for you to be put forward to a job
  • Our Consultants will always send you an official RGF e-mail from or domain after contacting you via calls or messages.
  • Our Consultants will contact you through a Singapore number beginning with +65 as Country Code

Please beware of scammers who are not in relationship to RGF: 

  • Introduce flexible or general jobs (online/part-time) without specific skills and requirements
  • Absence of detailed information (company, location, position title, etc.)
  • Absence of candidates’ consent before submitting your details to a role
  • Absence of interview and selection process
  • Absence of an official email from RGF e-mail
  • Contact number outside Singapore
  • Instant Salary or Charge you for job introductions.

We want to assure you that RGF takes the security and well-being of our customers seriously. We are actively working to address these fraudulent activities and take necessary measures to prevent further incidents.

We also urge the public to be vigilant and not respond to such fraudulent messages and emails. RGF Talent Solutions Singapore is not responsible for any damage and loss caused by fraud cases. For your own safety, please report and block the sender as well. 

If you are unsure, please check with the sender of the message their CEI number.  All our employees are registered under the Certificate of Employment Intermediaries. 

If you have information about potential scams, please report to them to the Singapore Police Force.

If you ever receive suspicious communications or encounter any activities claiming to be affiliated with RGF, please report them to our official channels immediately.  You can contact our Enquiries Team at  or contact us at +65 6398 3260